For many, meeting new people can be a source of great anxiety. We can be so concerned about being liked and accepted into a new group that we freeze up, acting awkward and shy.

Here at MossyBrain, we believe creativity can be the solution to this problem. We’ve put together some creative ways to be sure you make a great and memorable first impression with that new person or group…

Wear Something Outrageous

When I say “outrageous”, please understand- I’m not saying “risque.” That is probably not the kind of impression you’re trying to make. No, I’m talking about something decidedly out of the ordinary- this can be done either obviously or subtly. It might be something brightly colored; it might be something that says something about you- sports memorabilia or wild socks; it might be a fashion statement like suspenders or a top hat. Be original and confident- it will definitely be a conversation starter…

Continuously Repeat Their Full Name

This is all about making a person feel seen- in a cute and funny way. After someone introduces themselves to you, repeat their full name back to them while looking them in the face and smiling. Then nod at them in approval. If all goes well, they should nod back at you, as if to say “Yes, that is my name!” Once they do this, liberally weave their full name into everything you say to this person for the rest of your time together. They may find it funny, they may find it strange, but they will definitely remember you for it. Do your best to read the person- you’re trying to make a lasting good impression, not make the person think you’re certifiably insane.

Break the Ice with a Game

Participation is the name of the game here. Immediately upon meeting someone new, invite them to play a crazy game with you. For example: conspire to make a loud animal noise anytime someone in the room says a certain word or phrase. When you play a game that only the two of you (or it could be a group of several people) are playing, it creates a positive bonding experience. They will most likely have fun and leave the encounter with a favorable impression of you.

Everyone Loves An Inside Joke

Inside jokes are the fast track to intimacy. The easiest way to get an inside joke going is to share something interesting or surprising about yourself. Later when that subject comes up with a different group of people, the inside jokers can share a knowing glance or comment that will only have significance between your small group. A memorable and humorous moment shared. #greatfirstimpression

Kill With Kindness

No one can forget someone who is thoughtful and kind. Go out of your way to show kindness when meeting people for the first time. Hold open a door, pull out a chair, get them a refill, hang up their coat, attentively listen to them and ask thoughtful questions. Get creative with your kindness, but DON’T BE CREEPY. Genuine kindness goes a long way, and in a world where so many people are self-focused, anyone who puts others first is sure to stand out.

Let us know what you think of this list, and also share some ways that you’ve made a great first impression in the past!

Ben Beresh is a designer, filmmaker and co-founder of MossyBrain. Originally from Niagara Falls, ON, he now happily calls Broken Arrow OK home, along with his wife Jessica, four kids and dog Charlie. Ben likes to have a good time, all the time (Enneagram 7), as well as eating all types of sandwiches.

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