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There is strength in community.

MossyBrain TRIBE is about growing creativity together.

MossyBrain TRIBE is a free, private Facebook group for the MossyBrain community where we can share our creative journey with each other, get creative feedback and advice and most importantly HAVE FUN!

The reason we decided to make this group private is that we want everyone who joins this community to do so intentionally. This is a gathering space for anyone wishing to proactively grow their personal creativity and hear stories from others on the same journey.

MossyBrain TRIBE exists to encourage each other to live our most creative lives; to celebrate wins and support each other through losses. Let’s serve each other through generosity- remember KINDNESS IS MAGIC!

– Creativity is an Open Path, not an Exclusive Club –

Ben and Jessica Beresh

Heya! You found us! We’re Ben and Jess Beresh. We’ve been married almost fifteen years, we have four crazy kiddos and one sweet pup. Some things you might want to know about us before getting started:

  • You can usually find a Chai (hot or iced) in Jessica’s hands
  • Ben has a collection of horse-head masks
  • Jessica finds illusionists to be disturbing- she thinks the magic must be real and of dark origin
  • Ben’s favorite holiday is April Fool’s Day, for obvious reasons
  • Jessica once saw a possum sitting on top of the backyard fence and hasn’t been able to enjoy the stars alone in the dark ever since
  • Ben is a connoisseur of all types of sandwiches
  • Jessica believes rainy days are magical (but not the dark kind of magic illusionists perform…)
  • The Comedic Holy Trinity (in Ben’s opinion) consists of Peter Sellers, Christopher Guest and Sacha Baron Cohen

This little corner of the interwebs is a place where we encourage creativity for all, and learn to say yes to the invitation that we all receive every day.  We want to lead by example and consistently choose the path of artistry and imagination in all our pursuits. Our objective is to collect wisdom and inspiration from the most creative minds, share that with you, and become your most ardent cheerleaders along this journey! Ready? OK! (subtle cheerleading joke)

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