MossyBrain exists to celebrate and foster creativity in every aspect of our lives.

We are all born creators. Learn how to tap into your creativity on a daily basis and make your brain mossy…

What Are You Doing Today to Grow Your Creativity?

Creativity is like a muscle- it grows stronger when regularly exercised! Be Bold. Be Silly. Be Weird. Be Spontaneous. Get our of your comfort zone and create something today. Lean into who you are and surprise yourself with your vision and execution. Always remember- CREATORS HAVE MORE FUN!

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Introducing MossyBrain Tribe

Introducing MossyBrain Tribe

It is a central tenet of MossyBrain that one needs to be surrounded by supportive creative people in order to live your most creative life. There is a very specific, electric synergy that comes from a gathering of creators. In hoping to facilitate that communal,...

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What is a FlowJam??

What is a FlowJam??

Have you ever felt creatively empty- unable to generate fresh ideas and think outside the box? Have you ever had a hard time getting started on a creative endeavor? If so, join the club of those of us unable to find our creative Flow. Flow is when the creativity...

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The Importance of Flow

The Importance of Flow

If you’ve ever engaged in creative pursuits, you understand that sometimes you’re on, sometimes you’re off. For whatever reason, the Muse may grant favor one day and creativity feels effortless. The next day, she may give you the cold shoulder, and you’re just -...

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Document Your Creative Journey

Document Your Creative Journey

As you intentionally make time and space for more creativity this year, be sure to document and record your adventures. We tend to view our endeavors through a lens of completion, or arriving at the destination, but creativity is a journey!  The journey is where the...

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About Ben & Jessica

The Brains behind MossyBrain

We live in Broken Arrow OK and we love creativity!

This site exists to encourage this tribe to inhabit a creative lifestyle and outlook- transforming the status quo around us in the process. Our hope is that MossyBrain will be a community of support, encouragement, and a challenge for growth on the journey to living your most creative life.


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If you know of someone who is pushing the limits of convention in order to achieve something outrageously weird- please nominate them to be named a MossyBrain Legendary Weirdo.

Why is creativity so important?

Creativity is Life, dummy!  We are all born creators, but many of us forget the joys and benefits of creativity as we leave childhood and enter responsible adulthood. But this is a mistake! The benefits of creativity are many…

Better Problem Solving

When you see the world differently than everyone else, your solutions to problems will be seen as innovative and inspired instead of predicable and tired.

Multiple Health Benefits

Creativity offers a mood and well-being boost- this translates into multiple physiological improvements.

Expanded Sense of Self

When you begin creating, you truly begin to understand who you are, what you value and why you value it.

Freedom from Convention

Why be like everyone else, when you were born an original?  Your creativity will unlock new doors to exciting places you never dreamed existed…

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