Often, the most creative people in our lives are the hardest to buy for. Never fear- the MossyBrain Shop has come to your rescue!

The MossyBrain Shop includes original gifts and merchandise designed by the MossyBrain team. Shirts, mugs and tote bags are waiting to be perused by your discriminating gaze. With the holidays rapidly approaching, surprise a dear creative in your life with some MossyBrain gear. We hope that our offerings will inspire you and those in your life as you let your creative flag fly high.

Please check back regularly, as new items are always being added to the shop. If there is something you’d like to see- designs in different colors or new products, please let us know!


Pssst… stay tuned for a new series of Enneagram-inspired merch! Please let us know what you think!

Ben Beresh is a designer, filmmaker and co-founder of MossyBrain. Originally from Niagara Falls, ON, he now happily calls Broken Arrow OK home, along with his wife Jessica, four kids and dog Charlie. Ben likes to have a good time, all the time (Enneagram 7), as well as eating all types of sandwiches.

Connect with him on Facebook or ben@mossybrain.com.

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