Support and inspiration are key to having your most creative year yet. Who is someone in your life that encourages and inspires your creativity? Who is someone who lives and breathes creativity? Who is a total weirdo in your life? Who loves and accepts you no matter what? If you’re thinking of faces to match those descriptions, you need to be spending more time with those people this year.

People Who Create Themselves

This may sound obvious but find people who make creating a priority. ‚ Half the battle is where the rubber meets the road. In other words, we can dream and think and plan all day, but until we actually take the steps to make, to create, our journey is abstract. Look for people who are hitting the pavement, and actively investing in a creative life. You’ll know them when you talk to them; they don’t keep this part of themselves a secret. Talent is secondary to a creative mindset and expressions.

People Who Inspire You

Being around these types of people will energize you. Their creativity will spark a surge in your own. You don’t have to have the same aesthetic or interests to bask in their creative vibes. Creativity is not one size fits all; it’s personal. Surrounding yourself with people comfortable with their own uniqueness and creativity will rub off on you, if only to demystify the weirdness. We’re all weirdos; most of us have just gotten very good at hiding it. Let’s embrace the weird!

People Who Uplift You

In order to benefit from surrounding yourself with fellow creatives, find people who are secure in themselves and their own creative journey. Those are the ones who believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. They encourage people around them and want to see others thrive. They won’t be stingy with their talents and wisdom. Proximity to them benefits like-minded individuals pursuing a creative path, because they are happy to share their gifts and input. They will foster and nurture your creativity without any judgement.

Consider Current Relationships

Conversely, if there are those in your life who consistently discourage you, are threatened by your growth or progress, or tear you down- consider the effect the relationship is having on you and make a choice.  Can you restrict their influence over your life? Can you find space from them and grow in health? Imagine this same relationship was impacting a friend’s life the way it is affecting yours. How would you advise him or her to proceed? Often, we are more encouraging and concise with others than we are with ourselves.

It can be difficult for loved ones to keep up when you are growing or changing. Even though it’s hard, sometimes, you have to reflect on how relationships are affecting you and then take appropriate action. Perhaps all it will take is a conversation to enlighten them about your feelings, or maybe a bigger decision needs to be made. Be honest with them, and then be honest with yourself. Move toward those who believe in you 100%, who will not limit your potential, and who want the best for you.

Drawing a Blank?

If you can’t think of people in your life to fit these positive descriptions, it may be time to get outside your comfort zone and meet some new friends. How might you best do that? Go to places where free-thinking creatives might be- local music shows, craft or maker fairs, creative Facebook groups, festivals, poetry slams, etc. Finding places where creatives might congregate is an exercise in creativity in its own right! So… you should show up at these places or events and start talking to people.

Again- this is about getting out of your comfort zone. Put yourself out there- you probably have some new best friends waiting to meet you. Just remember as you start these new relationships- Kindness is Magic. Be authentic and kind. You’ll be amazed how well a relationship blooms when a little kindness is sprinkled onto it!

Finally, look at the above characteristics, and inhabit those in your friends’ lives. Let’s jump into a revolving door of giving and receiving support and inspiration so that we can all live our most creative lives. As always, leave us a comment and let us know- what characteristics do you value in creative friends, and where did you find your support system?

Jessica Beresh is a blogger and co-founder of MossyBrain. Along with her husband Ben, their 4 kids and their sweet puppy Charlie she resides in Broken Arrow OK. She is a 9 on the Enneagram, loves sipping Chai (hot or iced) and rainy days.

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