You’ve decided- this will be your most creative year yet! Awesome- get ready for the ride of your life!

So where to begin? Let’s start with something extremely basic and fundamental. Each day, at a regular time that works with your schedule, you will have Creative Time.

What is Creative Time?

Creative time is a dedicated time and space for you to engage in some kind of creative activity. This really can be anything you want it to be. You could write, sketch, dance, sing, read, paint, play an instrument, build something, craft, code, design, take some photos, nature walk, dream, plan, brainstorm- anything that gets your creative neurons firing and energized. The activity itself does not need to be strategic or cohesive from day to day; the important thing is that you participate in creative activities each day.

When is the Best Time for Creativity?

Ask yourself- what time during the day am I at my best? If you want to make the most of your Creative Time, you will create a hole in your schedule when you can be your most aware and energetic. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Your creative activities will be more productive and more fun if you schedule them when you can bring your A-game. If you are not a morning person, do not schedule creative time early in the morning. If you are totally spent come 9pm, late evening may be a poor choice. Are your eyes drooping and your head nodding around 2pm? Probably not the time for productive creativity.

By scheduling the creative time when you feel good and can function best, you’re giving yourself a huge advantage. Chances are, this creative time will become something you’re eagerly looking forward to each day. Block this time out on your calendar or planner and protect it fiercely. If possible, find a time that you will be uninterrupted and unhindered by other responsibilities. Don’t allow work, kids, chores, friends or any other distractions to intrude on this sacred time. It belongs to you and your creativity.

When You Don’t Feel Creative

The reality is that you will not consistently feel creative when Creative Time starts each day. Any number of things can demotivate you from being creative. But none of these things are excuses to skip your Creative Time. Here at MossyBrain, we espouse an exercise called a FlowJam. Flow is a state of creative being where fresh ideas are percolating and new neural connections are being formed. A FlowJam is an exercise to jumpstart your flow, giving all subsequent creativity a boost.

Examples of FlowJam exercises are writing a haiku, coloring, freestyle rapping, making up your own lyrics to popular songs and recasting your favorite movies with different actors. Any low-stakes spontaneously creative activity will do the trick. We recommend you begin your Creative Time with a FlowJam session to clear out the mental doldrums and to set yourself up for creative success. We have found that a FlowJam session dramatically improves the quality of your creative times and activities. So jam it up.

Value and Protect Your Creative Time

Think of your Creative Time as a precious and priceless gift. This is a personal ritual to develop your creative genius. Without this time, you risk experiencing an un-creative, normal, boring existence.

Schedule this time in your calendar first and plan all other activities around it. Recognize and solidify the importance of Creative Time- don’t allow time-suck activities to rob you of it. The status quo mentality will tell you to do what is easy and comfortable. Turn on Netflix, sleep in, play video games, dive into social media. But resist the temptation to stay comfortable! Just like eating right or exercising, committing to have regular creative time can be painful at the beginning, but hugely rewarding once the habit is in place.

Building Up Your Creativity Muscles

This regularly scheduled Creative Time will deliver major benefits once it is established into your daily routine. Just like a new exercise regimen, you may not see the results immediately. But over time, this habit of intentional creativity will begin to change the way you think and also how you view the world. As this change begins to happen, be sure to take on new creative challenges and experiences as a way to “flex” your developing creativity muscles. You will be amazed at your growth.

This year, decide to give creativity a fighting chance to change your life. Check back with MossyBrain regularly for tips, inspiration and motivation as you progress on your creative journey this year. And remember that you’re not alone- be sure to let us know how you’re doing. Happy creating!

Jessica Beresh is a blogger and co-founder of MossyBrain. Along with her husband Ben, their 4 kids and their sweet puppy Charlie she resides in Broken Arrow OK. She is a 9 on the Enneagram, bringing peace and kindness with her everywhere she goes. She loves Chai (hot or iced) and also rainy days

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