Legendary Weirdo Awards

We here at MossyBrain are looking for some remarkable individuals of extraordinary weirdness.  Legendary Weirdos to be precise.

Too often, awards in our society recognize mundane and predictable achievements- sales, popularity, etc.  And too often individuals who risk everything for their vision or dream are swept into obscurity, with only a handful of people understanding the importance and audacity of their mania.  We want to recognize the unprecedented achievements of unbridled creative risk by said weirdos by designating them a MossyBrain Legendary Weirdo.

If you know of someone who is pushing the limits of convention in order to achieve something outrageously weird- please nominate them to be named a MossyBrain Legendary Weirdo.

Remember- your nominee doesn’t need to be someone you know personally (although it certainly could be). This can be someone you admire or have been inspired by.  Also keep in mind that Legendary Weirdos can be found everywhere and are not limited to certain artistic pursuits.  They may be found in the fields of business, education, science, economics, cooking, athletics… anywhere! Please surprise us with their weirdness!

Legendary Weirdo Nomination Form

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